The month of September is popularly known for its huge Fashion features. Beginning from the African fashion week held here in Toronto, Canada to Fashion week Copenhagen, to Ralph Lauren at 50 show in New York, and New york Fashion week that just rounded up. Happening now is the London Fashion Week and up next Milan, Paris…..i’m hoping now you get the gist.  September is every fashion blogger, designer, stylist and fashion enthusiast dream month. We get to be ourselves all day everyday. The city is literally our runway.

Starting from copenhagen fashion week, we saw trends that carried on even with NYFW. some of these trends included

  1. Plaids
  2. Bright, saturated hues either monochromatically or colorblocked
  3. Sheer, skin revealing fabrics were shown in diaphanous dresses leaving little to the imagination yet done in sophisticated cuts.
  4. From the overcharged florals set against polka dots at Mary Katrantzou to subtler, more casual variations like the patterned knits at Burberry, there was a range of day to evening fare for any occasion

These are just a few of some of the trends we have noticed so far. Fashion week represents different things to different people. For one, it could just be an opportunity to play dress up on the streets of New York or where ever the case may be. To others it is a networking opportunity, a way to socialize and explore opportunities in the fashion industry. whichever your case may be, it is important to stand out in gatherings like this. You want to be the face of your brand, put your best self out there and to do that you have to be unique. We have curated some pointers to help you stand out in gatherings or as it applies to this post, tips to help you stand out during fashion week.

1. Don’t do anything you don’t want to do.

This seems self-explanatory, I know, but the second best piece of advice I ever received was, “Remember that you get to choose.” Life is so short and it’s important to make sure you’re surrounding yourself with people and outings you actually want to participate in.

2. Wear something that makes you feel comfortable.

I don’t mean wear sweatpants, necessarily, but find a secret weapon. Keep it with you at all times. it might be as simple as wearing a necklace you associate with a fond memory or fixing your hair in a way that garnered compliments previously. It changes from day-to-day, but make sure to have a secret weapon each time you’re going somewhere that scares you a little.

3. Watch your body language

This one is the hardest for me—I have the worst poker face in all of creation. Think about how you present yourself. Personally, I think standing with your arms crossed and a lack of a smile is the least inviting way you could ever present yourself. Not only is it unappealing to anyone who might want to walk up to you, it also impacts the mood you’re in. I’m much less responsive when I’m approaching the situation already on the defensive—which is the head space I’m in when I stand around like that. Analyze your own behavior and see what it is you do that’s uninviting.

5. Be yourself.

I know, it seems like the most obvious of all, but it’s also the hardest thing to do sometimes. When you’re in a crowd full of people, it can be tempting to be someone you’re not. It can seem like the best idea is to be like the rest of the group, because surely they’ll pay attention to someone just like them.

But that’s not the way it works. A sheep has never stood out from another sheep, so don’t be follow the herd blindly. Dye yourself a rainbow colors or wear a tiara if that’s what suits you- just make sure its authentically you.

People will take notice.


Eka – Pants (Thrifted) Dress (Zara) Shoes (Payless)

Ochuwa – Blazer (Thrifted) Pants (Ankaraloving) Shoes (Payless)

Photographed by suru photography

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