What Does Your Style Say About You?

Welcome to Fall. The month of prime fashion and glowing skin. This  Fashion Month, all we saw were familiar patterns, colors, coats, and layering tricks, perhaps just worn in new ways. The eight most prominent style statements are ones virtually anyone could pull off — and they’re all ridiculously flattering, too. Brush up on the standout takeaways from the Spring 2018 season. Trendy in

  • Street Style Statement Coats
  • Return of Ruching
  • Busy, Busy Prints
  • Animal Print
  • All I See Is Red
  • ’80s Western
  • Sugar Coated Shearling
  • Plenty of Plaid
  • Solids

Never doubt the leartify gals, to pull off any one of the trending styles listed above.


  • PLAID: You can never go wrong with plaid. it’s more of a safe style but the real trouble is actually pairing it with either another plaid or a solid. Now that’s an area where only the strong survives (lol). this means you are just breezy. we are sure by now you can tell we just can never get enough of plaid.

The best things in life come in twos?  bread and butter, smile and laughter, money and shopping, shoes and socks, pants and shorts. trust me I can keep going (I literally have nothing else to do.

  • 80s Western: now with 80s Western, it is not as easy as you think. it’s all about the right calculation and angles. Angles is everything. if you can rock this style and rock it well (omg) you are a risk taker because not everyone can make it work
  • All I See is Red: Red, Red, Red. Red is such a dominating color’s like a red lipstick. with a red lipstick you intend to stand out that is exactly how it goes with your style. if this is your style, that means you are bold and full of confidence. no one hates a gal in red. just like the saying goes “lets paint the town ReD”

Solids: One thing about solids is that it can get very boring very fast without the right amount of creativity and imagination.  It becomes wonderful when you add all spice, joy, pattern with the solids. That means you are one outspoken, not afraid to speak her mind typpa BITCH and we love you of that. but one thing is for sure, when in doubt, go solid.

  • Sugar coated Shearlings: this is one of mine absolute favour thing about the fall. this coats are to die for. they are so beautiful and chic. now when you are done getting dressed and you end up throwing this coats on it just brings out the class in you . this says sophistication all the way.


Now prep those close up advert smiles :).

  • Street Style Statement Coats: One word “TRENDY”


Entire Wardrobe – Thrifted (Valuevillage thrift)

Photgraphed by suruphotgraphy

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