Happy Halloween

Happy month of Halloween. So with this post , we are gonna try to do things differently. You know, channeling our inner Halloween spirit and giving you all our top 10 scary movies list.

When I was little, my elder brother always stayed up late after everyone had gone to bed to watch movies but not just any kind of movie, mostly scary movies. He would stay up till 5/6 in the morning, and the sad part is that when ever I would want to join in, he always forced me back to bed with the words” you are not old enough” .

I swear those words hurt like a knife straight up to my chest. Now  I’m older and have watched every scary movie there is and I still can’t get enough.

Here are our Top 10 scary movies list both American and Non- American , in no specific order

  • The Ring: I remember the first time watching this movie. I wasn’t even old enough yet. I snuck out of bed and hid behind the couch, when my brother was watching it so he didn’t see me ( that was a very stupid move ,lmao ) I seriously thought I was smart.I had night mares for over a month.
  • The Exorsism of Emily Rose: Bruh ,This was me seeing body parts bending in ways I never thought body parts could bend.
  • Chucky ( Child’s Play)

  • Diamond Ring (Nigerian scary movie) : Now, some might say that some scary movies are learners compared to this movie right here. ADVICE ( watch this movie with the mind set that everything going on is real)
  • End of The Wicked (Nigerian scary movie)
  • Evil Dead: When I first saw the title of this movie , I thought it had to do with zombies and stuff but my dear, was I wrong . you have to watch it to know what it’s about but trust me , its worth finding out.
  • World War Z: I personally didn’t find this one particularly scary but it was definitely  fun to watch.

  • Mirrors: I love looking into mirrors just like the next gal but this movie gave me a different view on mirrors for a while.
  • Nightmare on Elm Street : I’m more of a Freddy Krueger fan than a Jason fan. ( don’t judge)
  • MAMA

Well I hope you enjoyed our mini scary movie list and hopefully you guys have something keeping you warm and cozy as you work your way down the list . We would definitely want to know your top ten scary movie list .

Have a Terrifying Halloween .


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