Holiday Gift Ideas For your loved ones this christmas

Curated by Annabel Okeya

The perfect set of gifting items for your loved ones this season.


Got a travel-obsessed friend or relative? They’d love something on this list! If you’re the globetrotter, why not spoil yourself with one or two items?

Whether it’s the skin care products that will make you look and feel good, the confetti luggage that will keep eyes on you (or make it easier to identify your luggage), the Instant Camera you can use to capture beautiful memories, the duffel bag that will make you look even more stylish or the super comfortable sneakers, you’ll thank me later.


When it comes to buying gifts for men, it’s kind of tricky. Men won’t admit it but they are picky – most of them anyway. So, you need to look for gifts that you know (and are sure) he will like, use and appreciate.

This guide is one of my favourites because the products are budget-friendly and there are a lot of options to choose from.

You know you have someone like this in the family. Sometimes, it’s just difficult to figure out what to buy for certain people and that’s why I put this last guide together.

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