Not My Lipstick

BY Rachael Asabir

(Christian Blogger) Winnipeg, Manitoba


While growing up I saw how my mother would pray,fast and read her bible, she would always have this glow after she has spent time with God. I also noticed with her spending time loving God the relationship between her and my Dad, as well as myself and my siblings was different. It was then that I said to myself “I want what mum has when I grow up and get married”.


The time to develop our relationship with God  is way more important and rewarding than the time we devout to mastering the art of lipstick application. You see I’ve come to realize that if you want a long lasting marital relationship loving God should be the ultimate priority as single lady. The road to achieving this is not the easiest, we might get disappointed, frustrated, because each day you try studying and communicating with God you have some questions that requires answers. These questions only gets answered if you spend more time with God.

As ladies we shouldn’t only put our efforts into looking pretty all the time, rather we should invest time and effort in our relationship with God. Every day in our time of waiting should be spent  with knowing God for who he really is because He is an amazing God.


 Spending time with God is so amazing, you to talk him and he talks back to you, you listen and he listens too! As someone wanting to one day walk down the aisle and have the Godly home, a strong relationship with God is what will help us in achieving it.I will like you to know that while waiting for that Godly man, you also need to be a Godly woman,so that when he sees you he knows God has favored him. Proverbs 18 vs 22 ” He who finds a wife finds what is good and obtains favor from the lord. He will not be looking at how perfect your lipstick is or how perfect the eyeliner or eye shadow is; because he’s looking to God to be favored, he will  be looking at how you can impact his life and allow God’s wonders to radiate in him.


So why not reduce the time spent on mastering the lipstick application,and  join me today to make a commitment to reading the word of God,fast if you can, pray, love on him and allow him to take first place in your life while you wait. When you do this you will see that he is listening to your every need about the perfect spouse, but all He is asking is for you to be patient and wait for his perfect Gift.


With love from my heart,


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