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Successful Day: 6 Things To Do To Be Super Productive


Next time you want to have a very successful day there’s 6 things you need to remember to do first. Nothing crazy, just a few tweaks to get your mind as well as body in the game. All six of the following tips are easy to do, simple to remember yet can have a POWERFUL effect on how your day goes. Therefore, let’s get right to them so you can be on your way to a more efficient, brighter and productive you!

Successful Day: 6 Things to do to be Super Productive

Successful Day

Hit the Sheets – Researchers aren’t just preaching proper beauty sleep for no apparent reason Missy! Lack of sleep could result in irritability, impaired memory, weight gain, lackluster skin, high blood pressure and an exhausted brain. Yikes… doesn’t sound like someone having a successful day huh? So then, don’t become a sleep deprived casualty from staying up too late on Instagram or Netflix. Go to bed at a decent hour so you can be sure to get enough sleep.

Successful Day

Coffee Run – Not a believer of the black stuff? Well, does the thought of gaining more energy sweeten the deal? Just think of all the work you could get done if you weren’t so tired. Best part, is that this entire process is proven by science. You see, when you drink a nice cup of Joe; the caffeine in it increases the release of what’s known as Catecholamines. Which is basically a fancy term for adrenaline.

Once all this adrenaline hits your sympathetic nervous system that’s where the magic occurs. This causes more blood to be sent to your muscles AND radios to your liver to release sugar into the bloodstream for energy. Then BOOM! A more energetic person ready to tackle the day!

Successful Day

Eat How Your Mama Taught You – Remember as a kid getting told you need to eat your fruits and veggies? Well, turns out that was pretty good advice… for life! Eating “right” and well helps you to function as well as THINK better thanks to all of those awesome minerals and vitamins. So watch what you’re packing in and make sure you’re eating a balanced, healthy diet.

Successful Day: 6 Things to do to be Super Productive (Continued)

Quality H20 – Have you heard what drinking water right when you wake up can do for you? Besides, having the influence to fire up your metabolism and hydrate you; it also can give your brain fuel. This is because water allows the chemicals as well as electrical signals to pass freely between brain cells. Therefore, do yourself a favor and drink up so that you can think clearer in order to make smarter decisions.

Successful Day

Create a To-Do List – Success often boils down to good structure. Think of it like a building, actually two buildings. One is being built with good materials and according to a construction plan; while the other is haphazardly being constructed with supplies arriving late or not at all. Which building do you think will be put together more successfully?

Of course, the one being planned out properly! The other construction site with little to no plan will most likely run into delays, confusion, mistakes and costly financial setbacks. So then, do yourself a big favor and plan ahead, then follow through.

Yes, having a plan of action can go a long way to keeping you on schedule and confident in what you are trying to accomplish. There’s less guessing games and less items that need to get done that will fall through the “cracks.” So don’t fear structure, welcome it.

Successful Day: 6 Things to do to be Super Productive (Cont.)

Successful Day

GOALLLLL! – Hearing that a soccer game can be very exciting; and it can be just as exciting in your journey of having a successful day. Writing down your goals forces you to have to think about them.

What are you trying to accomplish? How badly do you want it? What are you setting into motion to get there? All this thought processing will help you to gain more motivation to keep going. Which is very important when the going gets tough.

Successful Day

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