African Brands You Should Know

by Leartify

Dumebi Clothing
Nigerian menswear brand Dumebi Clothing debuts “The Ambivert” collection… staying true to it’s sustainable ideals, The Ambivert encapsulates a balance between an outer  and inner world, an attainable and aspirational self, an individual bold, self aware and wanting to make the right kind of statement knowing where the self ends and self expression begins….
Meshing a deep love of comfort and investing in luscious, supple to the touch fabrics an unmatched sartorial elegance understated yet dignified weaving minimalist neutral tones around the collections aesthetic representing the inner strength of the collection but just like the word burst with pops of colour exhibiting its playful outer world…
Pulling us under his spell this Ambivert man self assured yet simple and smart oozing a knowing exhibited by his rapport with minimalism allotting him free mental space to dream his dreams… the collection reaches a crescendo in it direction from the field sequel inspired locations down to the walls which leave us feeling satisfied with sense of calm and with a directive of our own to dress better, to do better…

Hats by @simonandmary
earrings by @waif_things x @orangecultureng
shoes by @monimorganshoes and @jumianigeria
glasses by @jumianigeria
styling by @theorangenerd
photography by @adebayorphotographer

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