How to Spend Valentine’s Day if You’re Single AF


Being alone on Valentine’s Day is less than ideal. But, that does not mean you should feel sorry for yourself and succumb to despair. In fact, how about you do something fun? Trust me, it can be a rather liberating experience. So, look beyond what is essentially a set of generic holiday activities and realize the spectrum of unexpected possibilities. In other words, it is time to relish your singlehood and think outside the box.

Home relaxation

Staying home is a great way to defy the hype and craze. For instance, cook a delicious dinner and do what you haven’t had the time to do recently. Marathon a show, take a bubble bath, read a book. Open that bottle of wine and enjoy every drop of it. The advantage to not having people over is that you can go to bed earlier to recharge your batteries and face the next day with an eager smile.

Going out— only singles allowed

An alternative course of action would be to rally your single friends and hit your favorite bar/restaurant. Get dressed to kill and tear up the dance floor. Acknowledge all that you had been through together so far and celebrate your friendship. It could also be fun to observe all the early-stage couples while sipping a cocktail. Posting a picture or two may cause couples to actually envy you.

Earn some cash

If getting some pocket money sounds better than spending it, you are in luck. Come 14th February, there is no shortage of couples yearning for a night off from parental duty. Therefore, ask around your social circle or go online to find a babysitting gig (there are some great apps worth noting). You are likely to spend most of the time chilling on a couch. Scoping out candidates on Tinder is fine, even with a baby around!

Pamper yourself

There are many ways you can treat yourself to something special. That is especially true in case you have a small chunk of money saved up. So, go about your day as you normally would and then throw in a nice twist. Buy a nice piece of jewelry, attend a concert, or watch a new blockbuster at the cinema. Go to the spa/massage and order a gift for singles. Remember that it is all about you and you alone.

Do something (mildly) crazy

While others are going about their couple-time and shopping sprees, you can do something completely different. How does crossing an activity off a bucket list sound? Well, consider taking a few days off around Valentine’s and plan a mini-vacation. Trying out an extreme or water sport is a great way to push the boundaries. For example, figure out what skills and tools you need for scuba diving and have the wild adventure of your life!

Treat it like just another day

A somewhat different approach would be to ignore everything I suggested earlier and have a regular day. Ultimately, it is not like you really have to do anything special and spend money. So, shut down the pressure and noise. Love is all around you anyway and we are not just talking about a romantic one. Take a moment to appreciate that fact. Go with the flow and follow your feelings.


Whether you think it is just a ruse or a day to commemorate love, you should have one guiding light: making the most of the time you have at hand. Realize that you are in control and that you can choose any form of fun and happiness you please. Schedule some me-time or host a party for singles. Seize the day, spoil yourself silly, or dance the night away. The list of exciting options goes on.

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