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You may have heard of the term ‘African time’.  Wikipedia says

African time or Africa time is the perceived cultural tendency, in parts of Africa and the Caribbean toward a more relaxed attitude to time. This is sometimes used in a pejorative sense, about tardiness in appointments, meetings and events

The track record is most obvious at events – A wedding that starts 4 hours later, a party that begins an hour to the end, and an African crowd that plays last to get to the venue.

In this time when the older millennials are slowly coming into prominence, now is the time to wean ourselves of habits we may have picked up from the older generation. At Leartify, our goal is to nurture an increase in the number of African millennial targeted events that start on time.

When you buy, money goes to event sponsorships. Leartify provides sponsorships in form of marketing resources in a bid to help event organizers get the target audience to show up on time.