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The truth is as men, there are so few things we are gravitated towards as it pertains to putting together our personal style according to appropriate occasions. This is why in today’s market. We hear quite a bit about the efficiency of staples.

Here’s the fact: If you are wearing a minimal variation of the same thing more than three times a week, it’s considered a staple. A staple is supposed to be signature to you in a way that showcases your personal taste, and how it relates to the way you live your daily life. These staples don’t necessarily have to be intricate, and overly detailed. They are simply supposed to serve as items attractive enough to create comprehensive looks good enough for daily use. The idea is that you can wake up, and be assured that you’re going to look great – whether it’s in specific piece of clothing, or a full on ensemble.  

Four things I consider when highlighting clothing staples are simplicity, refinement, appeal and use. In my opinion, these are the essentials that matter the most when it comes to curating a well rounded wardrobe. 

Listed below are five casual wardrobe staples I have enjoyed wearing throughout the fall/winter seasons: 

  • The Wool Blend Turtleneck Sweater

The turtleneck has become a staple in many men’s wardrobes and, truth be told, I love a turtleneck sweater. Compared to the crew neck/v neck sweater, look at the turtleneck as an elevated stand-in option. Wear with your favorite suit to the office, to a formal event, or to a local bar with your friends. The versatility of the turtleneck sweater is what makes it so favored in menswear.

  • The Chukka Boot

I am not a boot fanatic by any chance, but I must say, I have fallen in love with these. A relaxed shoe option in its own right. This is for the weekends, and casual errands. For more casual looks. The Chukka boot is very comfortable. A little bit of earth toned colors, and polish will set you apart from the other gentlemen who would get the boot in black or plain brown. 

  • The Sport Coat

With menswear, it is a breath of fresh air to see that clothing is being created, and customized for us to be able to frequent a series of diverse events. The Sport Coat was designed to pair well as a separate with any genre of clothing. It’s unique, it’s easy to wear, and it’s one of those menswear staples that can easily upgrade an outfit. I find that I pair most of my sport coats with my favorite pair of jeans. There is no feeling like the one you feel after you’ve upgraded a shirt, and jeans look with a sport coat. 

  • The Jeans

Make one of the best menswear decisions you’ve ever made by investing in a pair of dark wash raw selvedge denim jeans. The ones I have from J.Crew have the perfect taper, and they fit me perfectly. Strong structure, strong tone, soft denim. 

  • The Sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses for days when the sun is a bit harsher than normal is necessary. In menswear, there are only so few accessories that can make anyone look well coordinated. A pair in brown is the best bet, as I find it to be the most versatile for the accessory. 


Doppio Gancio Acetate Schoolboy Sunglasses / Salvatore Ferragamo . Wool Blend Sweater Turtleneck / Dries Van Noten . Sport Jacket / InstitichuSlim Fit Jeans in Raw Selvedge / J.Crew The Newman Chukka Boot / Paul Evans

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