How to : Creative Ways to Style a White button down shirt

“Fashion is about something that comes from within you”

— Ralph Lauren


Hey beautiful people and welcome back to the leartify hub. We’re back once again, and ready to ease you into the weekend with this creative and unconventional collaboration we had with Mr Deji Kalakuta . Brief History perhaps. Deji Kalakuta is a Toronto based designer and model, originally from Nigeria, Africa. His last name ‘Kalakuta’ pays a tribute to Fela Kuti. His designs are unique and captivating, they embody both modern day and traditional style.

We were inspired by his designs and how technical they are. We literally did not plan the styling of these outfits prior to the shoot, everything was done on the spot (outdoors). it was exciting and that inspired us to make a post on unconventional ways to style a button down shirt.


Button down shirts can be a little tricky, sometimes you want to dress them up or down depending on the occasion. We discovered some tips that seem to work for us when deciding how to style these shirts.

• Keep it Simple – a button down shirt and a pair of jeans, ripped or otherwise is always a good idea. Dress it up by adding accessories (jewelry or hats) or dress it down with a nice pair of sandals.

• Switch it up – Spice things up by wearing your button down backwards. This works best with a shirt that has some sort of embellishment on the back, but it would work with a plain white shirt too.




•Another way to wear it backwards is to keep it unbuttoned, then tie it at the bottom.

• Layer-up – Especially with winter around the corner, try putting your white button down under a dress. Wearing it underneath a strapless dress is unique and changes up the look of both items.



• Pair with print – Pair with print, florals, or patterns to emphasize details on prints as done in the shoot.

•Opt for a white button down that’s embroidered, or do the embroidery yourself – it’s a big trend right now.



Outfit Details

Ochuwa – Shirt [Déji], Pants – Ankaraloving, Shoes – Payless Shoes

Eka – Shirt [Déji], Pants- Ankaraloving, Shoes – Payless Shoes




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