This is not a Tedx Talk, Although it could be. Hey beautiful people and welcome back to our blog, ready to dive into the weekend with something new. Not your typical blogpost today. Let’s get into our feelings a little bit. The leaves have fallen, the wind feels colder and it is obvious winter is upon us. More so here in Winterpeg. It is easily ignored, but winter season brings along quite a significant amount of change with it. This could either be physically, emotionally or psychologically.

People either love winter, or they hate it with a passion. There is typically no happy medium between those two feelings.

But perhaps there are reasons to hate winter. Scientific and psychological studies have found that winter weather can have drastic effects on your body and mind.

Some of these changes could have either negative or positive impacts on us. A few changes that shouldn’t be overlooked. Did you know?

•Lack of light during the winter can negatively affect your sleep cycle, which means that many people find themselves feeling tired throughout the day.

•There’s a tendency to seek more physical and psychological comfort in winter time, romance movies sell more during this season. New moon of the Twilight saga, realesed in November generated over $296M. Wonder if that’s good or bad?

•You probably already knew this but one of the most dreaded things about winter is the terrible driving conditions. Car accidents occur more frequently in snowy weather. After the first day of snow here in Winnipeg, there were over 97 crashes across the city.

•This is most likely the second most dreaded thing, “Winter weight”. It is real, our bodies crave warm, comfort food during this season.

•Cold air foster the spread of gems, hence making it easier to catch the flu. Flu shots are a way to go, remember to wash your hands.

•Yes, there a thing as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), because of the sensitivity of the brain to low temperatures it releases chemicals that make you feel sad or depressed. Most doctors advice to try and keep an active lifestyle in this season.

•Winter air is tough on the skin and hair, stay moisturized.

Hope you learnt something new, if not, that’s fine also, it doesn’t hurt to be reminded. So, lets try to drive carefully this season, eat only healthy comfort foods, go out and try to maintain an active lifestyle and lastly, don’t forget to breath and take a moment to appreciate all thats good around you. Thank you guys for stopping by and have a great weekend ahead.



Photography – Tangoalfaoscar

Skirt – Ankaraloving

Boots – Payless

Blazer – Thrifted



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