Everyone has a definition for love: Who truly has a perfect definition for love?  

Some say Love is kind, true, caring and honest

Some say Love is physical (sexual)

Some say Love is sacrificial

Some even say Love is “wicked”

Love really cannot be defined but it can be felt

Love cannot only be felt but can also be expressed

Love cannot only be expressed but it can change the world (even your little small world)

Love can be so magical (It has the power to mystify yet simplify)

Love carries so many ambiances

Love is certain (yet confusing)

Love is sage (yet absurd)

Love is deep (yet trivial)

Love is alluring (yet disenchanting)

Love is acquiring (yet dissenting)

Love is altruistic (yet stingy)

Love is elucidating (yet silent)


Love is cordial (yet gloomy)

In simpler terms Love can be so many things, but make sure it ticks all the good/right boxes


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