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This is a reclaimed vintage outfit which was inspired by the 80’s trend. Putting every piece together was quite interesting, as I had just gotten back from the thrift store where I purchased these pants and was looking for something very basic to pair it with, that would also come out classy, and in one try I guess I got it right.

As a man of many hats, I figured the Brixton fedora would be just right to go with this look, and also the chucks wasn’t a hard decision to make as you can see the blend came out pretty classy and  outstanding.

As always here you go with the breakdown which I think would blow your mind.

Hat by Brixton – $15

White Tee by ASOS – $7

Jacket by London Fog – $12

Pants by Brooks Brothers – $8

Suspenders -$3

Chuck Taylors – $40

Look more with Less!

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