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If your clothes could talk, here’s what they would reveal.



The color that stops traffic also signals an extroverted, assertive disposition.


This tempered red has a tranquilizing effect, which perhaps explains why pink-loving people are thought to be romantic, gentle, and sweet.


Evocative of sunshine and roaring fires, yellow indicates a cheerful, energizing personality. People gravitate to you.


The child of yellow and red takes on the traits of both colors, but with less intensity. Fans are said to be enthusiastic, warm, and gregarious.


The world’s most preferred color conjures sky and sea—elements that calm and evoke trust and dependability.


Like a wide-open field, green is serene. The balance of warm and cool tones also suggests stability and approachability.


A less common pick, purple has unconventional, creative connotations. Its association with royalty lends it an air of elegance.


This rustic color denotes a down-to-earth attitude. You appear relaxed but also reliable and responsible.


It suggests strength, seriousness, and sophistication (the proverbial little black dress). But it can also be mysterious or sexy.


Wearers of white tend to be orderly and fastidious. (How else would you keep those outfits clean?) The color also has a blank-slate appeal; people see you as a breath of fresh air.


Reminiscent of stone, gray projects coolness and composure (as in a statue). You are the rock that others rely on.

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