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It use to be that bobby pins were  discreetly tucked away holding your look in tack but as of late they have taken center stage.  The bobby-pins-as-accessory trend first caught our attention a few years ago when Rihanna donned the look at the American Music Awards. It was one of those typical RiRi moments where you thought “only she can rock that and get away with it”.  Fast forward to now and pretty much everyone is pinning up and slaying the expose bobby pin trend. Present company included.

Pin Up And Slay Your Bad Hair Day With The Bobby Pin Trend

Rihanna started the exposed bobby pin trend

I’m not going to front, when I first saw Rihanna put her bobby pins out and open in the public, I was a little skeptical.  Around the way, we call that a doobie- a protective style Dominicans wrapped your hair in after it was washed and set in the salon. Normally you wouldn’t rock it anywhere beyond  your trip home but there was Rihanna, on the red carpet and center stage accepting her iconic award in the look.  I didn’t think the look was for me or anyone for that matter but now it’s pretty much everywhere and I LOVE IT!  I tell you, Ursula Stephen (Celeb Hairstylist to bad girls like Rihanna)  is a genius. What seemed like a celeb-only style turns out to be great for anyone looking to add a little pizazz to their style and save a bad hair day.

I first rocked the look a couple weeks ago at the Brooklyn Museum Artist Ball to give my dress a modern  appeal. I added the bobby pins to both sides of my hair. It made my already straight and sleek tresses even more chic and refined.  I used silver metallic colored bobby pins to make it feel a little more special.  Playing with the bobby pins in different colors and finishes makes it feel less basic than regular old bobby pins.

This whole exposed bobby pin isn’t just for nights out or dressed up moments either. I’ve also been wearing the bobby pin look to spruce up my ponytail and help conceal bad hair days. Between you and I, it’s been a life saver and has kind of turned into my go-to.

Try the look with your ow set of bobby pins.  You can use as little or as many as you want.  As you can see, the first time I tried  the trend I was modest with the bobby pin.  After I got into the look and started wearing it more frequently, I went a little more HAM.  It really is a great way to try something fresh and cool with your style, not to mention it’s probably the most inexpensive trends ever.

What do you think of the exposed bobby pin trend?
Would you rock this look in your style?