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photo of me wearing jeans,a furry shoes and a mini bag
I get this question every day and I will try to add some photos of people asking me this questions. A lot of people don’t know this, but this blog is actually my fourth blog.I have tried opening three previous blogs but this is the only one I have successfully kept open.

Right from my days in secondary school and university, I’ve always been obsessed with beauty.I loved makeup, I loved the concept of enhancing beauty with makeup and most especially, I loved the art of it.

I wanted to be a makeup artist, I even attended makeup school in my first year of uni, that’s 2010. I learned personally with a makeup artist I found around my school, and I also studied with Mud (Christine was my teacher).

I knew I wanted to learn makeup, but what I was sure of was that I never wanted to go out and do actual makeup on people’s face. I just wanted to practice on my face and share with people. I never thought of youtube because a girl is in Nigeria, and I thought nobody would ever watch it.

I decided to open a beauty blog while I was still in school, but I barely updated the blog. I got discouraged that nobody was visiting, so I closed it down and I stop doing makeup as a whole. I wish I could tag all the blogs but ain’t nobody paying for all that domain name sis!

I decided to just let it gol, go to school, use social media like a regular person with 500 followers and get a regular job.

I’m in no way trying to be inspirational as I have barely achieved anything,neither am I not about to tell you to quit your job for blogging. NO SIS!

It all changed again when I decided to take one more chance in 2015 and try blogging again, this time I wasn’t going to invest so much, this time I will be blogging about my drastic change in fashion and I will be taking photos of my everyday clothes so I have enough content. I won’t care about the number of visitors I have, I won’t listen to the voice of people discouraging me and I will let go and stop thinking everything has to be perfect before I start.

I opened a new blog and the rest is history.

The best decision I ever made was to just start. Every day I get a message from a lot of girls saying they want to start their blog and the first thing I ask them is  “why haven’t you started yet? what are you waiting for? They always try to give excuses.” I don’t have a camera or I don’t have enough followers to start” but that’s all it is.Excuses!

I urge every girl that wants to start blogging or a business to just start.

The push you need will come if you can bring your self to create that blog. I literally started my blog from 700 Instagram followers and every day it is still a struggle for me to get my following numbers up.

I still get torn down everyday by people about how I’m doing nothing even with having a running business and all, and about how blogging is not a job but I’ve decided to give this thing I love so much a try and just hope with faith and prayer it works out for me.

Faith is very important also, have faith that it will work out, your blog will grow and people will love your content.

Also be yourself! This past year has taught me that there is nothing more important than being the authentic you.I’ve decided to let go and open up more on here and on youtube. People gravitate towards pureness.

Another thing I try to avoid especially when I started was the whole mindset that I have to earn money or get paid for promotions and all immediately. If you open a blog with the mindset of making money, you will be waiting a while. Focus on creating content and focus on your growth.Those things will come.

Lastly, engage with people and ask questions, like I said in my post about being a baby entrepreneur, I learnt that you can’t do everything your self, I have social anxiety and I love being by myself or with friends that I have known for years. I do not like to meet new people or work with new people. I worked on that last year, and I have met and interacted with a lot of amazing bloggers. I can now go to events alone without hiding in a corner. Collaborations and having blogger relationships will help you too.

With that said, Don’t let anybody try to convince you against opening a blog  the growth might be slow but with the right content, it will be steady.

photo of me wearing jeans,a furry shoes and a mini bag
photo of me wearing jeans,a furry shoes and a mini bag
photo of me wearing jeans,a furry shoes and a mini bag

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