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I tried to write a post every day this week but things keep getting in my way but ain’t nothing gon stop me from sharing my top beauty secret with you TODAY!! Since this day, I’ve been trying out a particular type of serum that a lot of people especially beauty gurus and bloggers have been talking about. In today’s post, I’d be sharing with you 3 top reasons why you need to add a Vitamin C serum and which one I use.


The glass skin trend has been one almost every girl on my instagram feed wants to achieve and elastin which is the protein responsible for keeping the skin moisturized and smooth is enhanced by vitamin c.


Living in a hot climate region like Nigeria, one of the major causes of skin damage is as a result of exposure to excessive sunlight which we can’t escape from So sunscreens are our best pals. Vitamin C is an antioxidant rich nutrient that when used alongside a sunscreen, you are guaranteed of your skin being well protected against UV rays and free radicals from the sun.


Asides from improving your skin texture and protecting you from harsh environmental elements, vitamin c aids production of collagen which we all must have learnt tones and tightens the skin thereby preventing formation of wrinkles and fine lines.

I’m currently using the YouSkin newly launched vitamin c serum and I absolutely love the formula. I’ve been using it for almost two months consistently and each time I use it, I notice an instant glow which is new to me because I do not have problematic skin and barely notice when a product is working for me. There are other recommended brands but I’d personally recommend this one from YOUTOPIA BEAUTY as it’s a Nigerian brand whose owner is particularly passionate about skincare so best believe this product has all your skin needs as regards vitamin c.

TIP 1 : Use with a sunscreen for maximum result
TIP 2 : Apply on well hydrated skin ie after using a hydrating toner (toners with hyaluronic acid) for maximum absorption.

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Do you use a serum? Have you tried a vitamin c serum? Did you find this post insightful? Do share your thoughts with me by leaving a comment below, thanks.

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