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Exactly two weeks ago from today, as I walked into the my workplace, I noticed the team had hurdled at a spot in the middle of the office. They didn’t see me walk in ’cause their eyes were all fixed on the screen of the laptop sitting on a blue long office desk. I wanted in on whatever they were looking at and laughing at. So, eyebrows and lips curled to the side, I inched closer. I slid my body into an empty spot beside Drew our account director just in time for Cardi B’s signature “Okurrrr” in her most recent super bowl ad .

It was the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday and our team was watching some of the ads that had just aired for the first time the night before. After we watched the ads and discussed them, I had a moment. A moment of gratitude. I felt super grateful to be working in my dream field (the advertising industry). To be reviewing ads after the super bowl (I mean, how is this my life?). To be getting paid for coming up with ideas.

I’m not where I want to be yet and my life is not perfect in anyway but this is a great start to my career. Thank God.


The purpose of this blog post is not to gloat, but to encourage anyone who has dreams that they once thought were impossible. From talking to you guys on instagram and to my peers, I realized that a lot people are interested in learning how to get into the industry. So in this post I am sharing 5 + things I did to get in. This means that this list is not exhaustive. There are a gajillion other ways to get into the advertising industry, but these ones below worked for me.


  1. I prayed.  To God. And He came through. Omitting this fact would be mere deception.
  2. I showed people what I could do. The era of static portfolios are over. Today’s most effective portfolios are more practical and more “in situ”, for lack of a more accurate term. What do I mean by this?  The digital world is moving and changing soo fast. This means that portfolios which showcase your work from 2/3  years ago,  would feel outdated by the time you land your first interview. You still need to showcase these works from the past. But you also have to show that you are actively pursuing and staying up to date in your field of focus. For example, an aspiring copywriter should have a blog that they update weekly. An aspiring social media strategist should have a social presence that shows s/he knows how to engage a social audience. An aspiring UX designer should have a website that offers visitors an amazing, up-to- date experience.
  3. I interned at an agency. Taking an internship position after you’ve graduated from university might seem like downgrading to you. But if you really want to get into the industry, you might have to make this sacrifice. Internships almost always lead to a permanent position, if you work really hard and if you are good at what you do. This leads me to my next tip.
  4. I took 2 years to hone my skills. My blog was essential started to put everything I learned in my digital communications program into practice. It’s one thing to learn some concepts in class and complete projects, but it’s another thing to apply these concepts in the real world and learn how to really use them to your advantage.  I even included this in every cover letter I wrote and made sure ever interviewer knew this.
  5. I settled for a different position from what I really wanted to do. Now I’m slowly switching over to what I really want to do. This is where strategy comes in. When I first decided that I wanted to work at an ad agency, I knew that I wanted to work as either a writer or a designer.  At the time I applied to the company I work for, there were no positions for either writing/design. But there was an opening for a social media intern. So I applied and got in. Through, this position I have been able to use both my design and writing skills. Within a few months, I’ve been able to establish myself as a writer, and now I have been working on a few writing projects.
  6. I believed I was worth it. This part is incredibly difficult to do because of how highly competitive this field is. But it’s so worth it.
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I love advertising and branding I just knew that advertising industry would be ideal for me. So I prayed and worked and prayed. There is nothing special about me, nothing that I can achieve that you can’t  yourself. If I can end up in my dream industry, so can you. All you have to do is work hard and be extremely passionate about what you do. YOU GOT THIS!Still looking for some other ways to get into the advertising industry? Check these out.

Did I miss any tips that you think are important? Let me know in the comments section.


If this outfit had a name it would be the “Mirabelle Go-To Work Outfit“. If I could I would wear button down shirts, high-waisted skinny jeans and coats to work everyday.

Wear to: Work, work, work.

Switching it up: Change it up by switching the boots for a pair of sneakers. (You’d probably need to do this after a long day of wearing heels at work).

Where would you wear this outfit to?

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