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Be Faithful


Frustration? Anger? Anxiety? Worry? those are some of the feelings you get when you’re waiting for somethings to happen and its taking forever! Those were some of my feelings as a single lady waiting for God to bring me the right guy. My biggest frustrations was when I would meet a guy or get introduced to guy and in that guy I thought I found the qualities that I was looking for but guess what it would either just be a one date thing or the guy would just not look my way. I later found out that I was looking at things through my own eyes and not through God’s eyes. God was keeping His own end of the bargain the whole time while I was just scouting out for the next available nice guy.

When we are waiting on God either as a single person waiting for a spouse, a mother looking to God for a breakthrough in her child’s life or her home, lets be reminded that He is working on your request and therefore you need to remain completely faithful by allowing Him do the work. There are various ways we can stay faithful so that God can work things out for us. One the many ways is staying connected daily by studying the bible. This will bring reassurance of God’s love and it shows us He cares about the things that we care about. Spending time reading His word daily will make a difference in your day and while you do that He will speak to your mind and make you stronger to be able to withstand the anger, worry and frustration that the devil might want to bring to your mind.In my time of singleness I made it a part of me  to hold on to a scripture daily before setting out for my day and ever since I’ve started this God has not only spoken to me daily, my relationship has become deeper and I’m more connected than before. John 15 verse 7-NIV”If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you” As a single lady waiting for your God ordained husband this is the best time to start connecting with God, don’t wait till you’re married to start because with marriage and family comes bigger responsibilities.

Another way to stay faithful while God is working is to never doubt his love nor His concern for what concerns us. Doubt in our minds creates a feeling of uncertainty and impossibilities but we have to know that with God all things are made possible Matthew 19 verse 26 “Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”  God will never promise a thing and not make it happen; Look at where you are in your life right now was it by your own doing? No its by God’s grace so never doubt that He will fulfill His promises concerning you, never doubt that He will make that financial breakthrough a reality and never doubt that He will bring that ordained husband to you because He is God and He never fails.

Prayer is another way to stay faithful while waiting. Laying it all down by speaking to your heavenly father daily is important to realizing your breakthrough. Don’t hold back anything from Him, let him know how you feel about that situation that is giving you sleepless nights and you know what? you feel at peace when you do. More often than not I’ve had to just tell God how I’m feeling about certain things that weighs heavily on my heart.  When I was single and before I met my husband there were times when I would just feel so lonely and frustrated that the right guy wasn’t coming and I felt time was ticking, I would always read Isaiah 29 verse 11 and I would pray and let God know how I was feeling at the time by talking to Him. Each time I did this there was always peace and reassurance that He was working on it for me and that He cared.

Be faithful while you’re waiting, never doubt God but give all your worries to him because He knows and He sees and He’s working. It might look like there’s a delay or that you have been waiting longer but know this that our God is never late He is always on time just stay faithful while He works.

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