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Lately I’ve been questioning my purpose. When I started blogging and documenting my life in 2010, I wanted to capture my evolution as an individual. It was suggested by someone on Facebook, who thought my pictures were cool, and that I’d do well in this field. I enjoyed the process of exploring & documenting my life and the lives of those around me. It was all about capturing moments, exploring the depths of my creativity, and sharing online. When I was starting out, I was inspired by women like the Glamourai, Jamie Beck, Karla’s Closet, GarryPepperGirl, Ulyana Sergeenko, and Hanelli.


Although there was something incredible about the way they visually represented themselves, none of them were women of color. I yearned for examples of women that not only represented me as a woman of color, but who also had mastered the art of visual storytelling. Although there were many gorgeous women of color who had built an online presence, few of them consciously and deliberately shared their unique story in a compelling manner. It was more than just about sharing your story. It was about being seen and represented, and giving aspiring young women a point of reference.


Nowadays there’s a strong and thriving presence of lifestyle bloggers who are women of color and, in my pursuit of creative direction, it has left me questioning what really sets me apart from the crowd. A part of me feels that I have served my purpose in this space and it’s time to build, create and serve through other creative ventures, while another part believes that people are able find their creative core through my work, and therefore I’m inspiring creative change.


So, currently I’m in a place of exploration, and therefore searching for what’s next and how I can fulfil a greater purpose. Documenting through my work has always brought me joy, and I doubt the pursuit of my creative vision will ever die. Even through the process of discussing fashion, it was always about finding my own lane, and challenging myself to find new ways of exploring fashion. For me, it’s about telling my story and the stories of those around me through experiences, lifestyle and fashion. It wasn’t just about the clothes, but the experiences of the people wearing them. That to me was far more perpetual than showcasing different ways to wear a striped shirt.

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