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The leartify girls are back!!!!!!! okay guys don’t pee your pants, we’re still active members of the “na dem dey rush us gang” and we missed you too. It so easy to get sucked in the ever moving world of money hustle and you tend to forget how it all started and why you fell in love with the art in the first place. Why you picked that very first outfit and decided to pose in front of the camera. The adrenaline rush that came with the paparazzi, flashing lights feeling. We have unconsciously fallen into this group but we caught ourselves before it got worse.

Styling, playing dress up, helping other women develop a sense of personal security through fashion is what we love doing and are happy to be taking yet another shot at this. Sincere apologies to all of our loyal leartify followers that kept asking and poking on when we would be back at it. We are sorry to have kept you in the dark for so long but the truth is sometimes you have to take a pause and go back to the drawing board.

Every blogger or content creator out there knows it’s not all about posting up content, it has to be relevant to what your followers want and creating substantial and impactful content on regular basis can be mentally draining so we are glad we got to recharge. Back and better than ever is the new slogan!

All of that being said you know we have been cooking up a lot in this our MIA phase and we are super excited to share some of the things we have been up to as sisters within the past couple of months.

  • Collaborations

We had the opportunity to team up with great creatives and entrepreneurs from around North america. Some of which includes brands like Mashach Jewelry (Based on toronto) a local accessory brand., Zascouture (A bespoke african brand) based out of Abuja, Nigeria. We recently had the opportunity to also team up with Winnipegafrocommunity and would be taking over their snapchat this saturday (August 18th) don’t miss it. Add them up on the snap (@winnipegafro) and experience a weekend in our lives.

  • Travel and Events

All work no play makes jack a dull child, they say. We had the opportunity to visit the old town of Montreal, Quebec in May. as you know May is our birth month so we try to do catch a vibe as best we can. It was an amazing experience and if you’re in search of a getaway we strongly recommend it. We stayed at a hotel apartment, located at saint Urbain (right at the heart of downtown) . We also got the be the official red carpet hosts of African Community Awards (ACA) held locally here in winnipeg. An organization that recognises young African creatives and entrepreneurs locally.

  • Lifestyle¬†

The bulk of our year can be written under this tab. We have had a blast this year and are nothing but grateful for the gift of life. We have been exploring different aspects of our passion and art in general. We recently started taking on professional styling gigs. This has been quite an interesting experience, getting to work with different people with various insecurities but yet so much beauty inwardly and outwardly. We must say we are so blessed to have such positive feedback so far. We have also been able to work with different creatives on this journey and we can’t wait to share this with you. Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts on what you’ll like to see or read about going forward. Using the suggestion form below

Outfit Details

Earrings – Mashach Jewellery

Eka – Velvet dress (Forever 21), Pleated Skirt ( Ochuwa’s closet)

Ochuwa- Pants (locally made), Top (thrifted)

Photography РSuru photography 


Leartify Style

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