Now that everyone’s decorating their Instagram profiles and even houses in pink and red as these two are the official colors of love, what are people without an actual date for Valentine’s Day supposed to do? Valentine’s Day is definitely a peculiar time – it is just a regular day, yet there are three types of people in the world: the ones celebrating, the ones who do not care at all about Cupid, and the people who detest this holiday. Now, regardless of the group that you’re in, you should have fun on that very day because – well, why not have fun every single day of your life? In case you are single this year or simply want to spend your Valentine’s Day in a fun way that doesn’t involve cuddling with anyone, take a look at some of the best ideas to do so:


Do nothing

Well, the most obvious way to spend your Valentine’s Day as a single person is to sit at home and do literally nothing. Now, this doesn’t have to be such a bad idea. All of us should, from time to time, spend time by ourselves and do the things that we enjoy doing. This is why the 14th of February can, if you are single, be the ideal date to make yourself a bubble bath, sit in it, drink some champagne or watch your favorite trash TV shows.

Organize a regular party

Next up, here’s an idea that can include all of your best friends. Namely, what you can do is invite all of your single friends (plus the ones who are not single but want to be invited to such events) and throw the best singles’ party out there. In order to make this an important event, you should think about the food and, most importantly, the booze. As far as the food is concerned, it would be a good idea to simply order something and have it delivered to your home. For example, finding the best catering in NYC (or other cities if you’re not from the Big Apple) and using their services might be an amazing idea not only because you will serve the tastiest food from your city, but you will also save a lot of time making the food yourself. The booze, on the other hand, should be more thought-out. A cocktail party might be one idea, but you can also go with the classics and have wine, whiskey, beer and gin always there.


Trash TV all the way

A pajama party or simply a get-together with your single friends on the 14th of February might also be an amazing idea to spend your Valentine’s Day. After all, it is a date of love, and you also love your friends, don’t you? Now, if you opt for this, you must have all of your favorite trash TV shows or movies that you will watch. A single’s V-Day is a trash V-Day. So, try bingeing Gossip Girl or Dynasty, perhaps put on Mean Girls or any other movie that you know all the quotes to.


Opt for a road trip

However, if your budget allows it, you can also organize a small road trip either just for you or for you and a couple of your friends. First of all, if you are the type of person who has no problem traveling someplace by themselves, then this might be a great idea to go to a place you have always wanted to visit. Pack your stuff, get your car ready and accommodation and enjoy a couple of days by yourself in a new city. Meet new people, see what other places have to offer. Of course, another way would be to opt for a trip with your friends, either somewhere abroad or some cool place in your vicinity.


Focus on the positive

Finally, if you are the type of person who doesn’t really like being single on Valentine’s Day and this is the first year you’re doing so, then it would be a good time to sit and reflect on the previous year(s). This might be a difficult time for you, and it would be very healthy if you thought about all the reasons it is better that you are single now. What is it that you have now that you didn’t have before?


Spending Valentine’s Day by yourself is not an easy thing. All of us love love and we would all love to spend this day with our loved ones. But if we do not have a loved one this year or if they are not with us on that day, there are other things to focus on. Focus on yourself, take yourself out on a date. This might also do the trick.

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