“….For a tree is recognized by its fruit ”

— Matthew 12:3


Hey squad! How are y’all feeling today. Fall is drastically coming to an end over here in “Winterperg” it is getting colder and i’m having mixed feeling about it. On the plus side, the layers are slowing rolling out and its fur season. How bout we play a little game this time. It’s called comment your current temperature below. Lets’ figure out who’s in the warmest city right now. Hopefully it is warmer where you are.


So lets dive right into it hun, I’ve been on a mission to incorporate more ankara outfits in my fall and winter wardrobe altogether and so far its been quite of a success. I had my reservations because of the fabric type and my constant need for chunky knits in this season.

I’m sure you remember this fabric from my previous post on how to pair mixed print. Paired it with this asymmetric style batik pants. Mixed print really just gets me all types of excited, the whole dynamic behind two extremely different pieces coming together and creating a perfect fit gets me all the time.


So i’ll just leave you guys with three things to bare in mind when wearing Ankara in the winter time;

•Layer Up.

Try coming up with creative ways to layer up with one piece of ankara clothing. For example pair a skirt with panty hose, a chunky knit sweater and a trench coat. Take it a piece at a time



•Mix Prints

Most ankara prints are stand alone pieces so are often times complimented with bold plain colours but don’t let that stop you from being creative with your wardrobe. Pair an ankara short dress with a 70’s plaid coat and a pair of leather boots. Play around with pashima scarfs to compliment the look also.



•Lastly, Know your fabric type

Batik type fabrics are usually lighter in texture than regular cotton fabric. You might feel the need to layer up more with the former than later. For example the pants here are batik fabric but complimented with asymmetric style cut out piece of chiffon and the wrap jacket is cotton.

Hope you enjoyed reading my take on this, there’ll be more posts of how I combine my wardrobe this season. Look forward to the next post and don’t forget to comment your current temperature below. Till next week guys

Love, Leartify


Photography by Tangoalfaoscar

Top – Tailor made

Pants- Ankaraloving

Scarf- Thrifted


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